Oh, look. It’s my lower-half, accompanied by my better-half iamrickyhoover.

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We are fucked up.

We are pretty dificult to understand.

Look outside,just imagine that you aren’t a human being.

Now,try to understand why we fuck up in love so much.

That’s right,we don’t.

Every one,and I mean EVERY SINGLE HUMAN IN THE FUCKING PLANET,have a diferent way to love.

And we fail,we fail trying to understand love,because there’s no universal answear.

Only your answear,it’s inside you,your way to love is unique,diferent to every single other human around you.

I’m not saying that you’re special,i’m saying that every one is special,but we fail.

Fail in trying to give explanations to every thing,instead to just,love.



hiqhllo asked:

I absolutely love your blog


These questions my friend,in life,you MUST know the answers.


I just don’t,I don’t think that is right.At all.

I mean,fuck it.

I really think that you’re sexy,and you fucking are.

And I do everything for you to be satisfied,everything.

Why can’t you do the same to me?!

Why can’t you satisfy me too?

I can see the smile on your face.

But,can you see mine?

Brazil is in love today.